Sadly you can’t fit books in a stocking (I know, I’ve tried).

If you’re bored of buying bibliophiles books for Christmas, and want something a little more unusual and thoughtful, there are some great ideas below for both readers and writers.

All are under $20 (and stocking-sized).

And all are guaranteed to spread festive cheer.

#1 Procrastination Pencils $6.56


This cute box of pencils from The Literary Company is perfect for writers who’d rather do anything but write (ie all of us).

There’s six in the box, each with a different tagline including: “Hmmm…what’s for lunch?” and “You can’t possibly work in an untidy room”.

#2 Personalised bookmark $10


Sure, every reader has a ton of bookmarks lying around but do they have their very own personalised one?

Handmade from wire and with a decorative glass bead, this is a bookmark to keep and treasure.

#3 Aqua Notes $14.99


Inspiration often hits in the shower.

Aqua Notes helps you preserve your genius idea with a handy waterproof pad you can stick to the shower wall.

#4 Great Gatsby Mini Book Keychain $5.56


If you’re not a fan of the Great Gatsby, don’t despair.

These tiny, adorable keychains come in a few other books too such as Sherlock Holmes, Hamlet, Frankenstein and Peter Pan.

#5 Just Write Pencil Case $6.55


For the writer in your life who needs help staying on track.

#6 Book Charm Bracelet $13.99


I’m tempted to put this one on my own Christmas List.

Handmade, silver and crafted in the US, this is a great gift for that book-loving special someone.

#6 Writer’s Block Journal $12.16


With over 300 blank pages to fill, this journal will have you writing again in no time.

#7 Book Necklace $15.91


For the lady who loves to read.

And look cute at the same time.

#8 Thesaurus Tee $12.50


Happily this shirt comes in both men and women’s, so you can get it for every grammarian in the family.

#9 Ecofriendly Tote Book Bag $17


I love the design and the text on this adorable canvas bag – which is printed on both sides.

It’s also washable and double-stitched so should last for many, many library trips.

#10 Magnetic Poetry Kit $19.99


This nifty kit contains over 300 words and word fragments in magnetic tiles you can stick to your fridge.

Leave messages, craft beautiful poems, pen amusing limericks – your fridge will never be the same.

#11 Enamel Book Pin $9.74


An ideal stocking stuffer  and keepsake for avid readers.

#12 First Lines Coffee Mug $15.95


I’m not sure how they did it, but some genius managed to fit 24 famous opening lines on a mug.

#14 Engraved Spoon $10.99


CS Lewis said it best when he said: “You can never find a book long enough, or a cup of tea big enough, to suit me.”

I like to think he’d have enjoyed this spoon.

#15 TS Eliot Fine Art Print $10


This beautiful, original watercolour print is from Echo Literary Arts, which is run by two artists in West Virginia, so you’re not only getting something beautiful for the wall – you’re also supporting small businesses.

#16 Field Notes Notebook $9


Help the writer in your life hone his or her observational skills with this handy notebook.

It’s pocket-sized and portable so they can scribble anytime, anywhere.

#16 Reading Is Sexy Bottle Opener $5


This unique bottle opener also has a keyring slip- so you can take it anywhere and make new friends.

#17 Vintage Typewriter Purse $18.49


While browsing this item on Amazon, I came across the following exchange:

“What kind of paper can be used for this typewriter?”

“None. It’s a purse!”

So, just to reiterate, this is not an actual typewriter. It’s a very cool purse.

#18 Poe-ka Dot Socks $10


These aren’t just funky socks with a brilliant name.

They are also made by Out of Print and every pair sold means money donated to literary programmes and book donations to needy communities.

#19 Pencil Holder $12


While most writers use keyboards these days, we still need a place to store our pens and other assorted clutter.

#20 Old Books Scented Candle $18


Inhale the aroma of dusty libraries from the comfort of your own home with this unique gift.

According to the manufacturer, the smell is sweet, papery and comforting with overtones of vanilla.

Are you ready for Santa? Did you get any inspiration from my list? What do you think make great gifts for writers/readers?

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