Happy New Year!

I love January.

The slate’s wiped clean, there’s a fresh, new year and anything can happen.

At a time when everyone’s making New Year’s Resolutions, I just have one tiny suggestion.

Put a little poetry in your life this year.



Because poetry has a host of benefits:

  • Reading poetry makes you a better writer by increasing your feel for language
  • It gives you a better ear for the rhythm of a sentence
  • It fires up your imagination
  • It improves your mental health

There’s a reason the brilliant W.B.Yeats said:

“[Poetry] is blood, imagination, intellect running together…It bids us to touch and taste and hear and see the world, and shrink from all that is of the brain only.”


If you’re not sure where to start, I recommend going to the Poetry Foundation’s website and signing up for their newsletter.

You get a couple of options – to receive their newsletter, press releases or magazines – but the one I recommend, and subscribe to myself, is the poem of the day.

Sign up for this and the poetry-loving folks at the Foundation will email you a different poem every day of the year.

I can honestly say I look forward to these appearing in my inbox every morning.


Not only do I get exposed to a range of different poets – some of which I’d never have come across on my own steam -it’s also quite a random selection so I’m seeing different themes, styles and tones.

I’ve always been a poetry fan but this has helped me solidify what I like and don’t like in verse.

It’s making me a more educated reader, which in turn makes me a better writer.

So if you’re short on New Year’s Resolutions and are seeking something different for the new year, why not put a little poetry in your inbox.

It’s a gift that’ll last a lifetime.



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