If you’re a freelancer, your home office is your temple.

That home office probably contains the essentials: (standing) desk, chair, laptop, printer etc

As well as some bits and pieces to reflect your tastes and personality: plants, artwork, ornaments, rugs etc

But there’s one thing you’ve probably overlooked and this thing can not only supercharge your creativity, it’ll also maximise your downtime.

Exercise equipment.



We all know that exercise is good for us. It reduces inflammation, guards against disease, releases ‘feel good’ hormones, builds strength and flexibility and boosts the immune system.

But did you know that it can also:


If your home office set-up is exactly how you like it, down to the paper clip storage container, and the thought of changing things up makes you break into a cold sweat, relax.

Investing in some office-friendly exercise gear doesn’t mean turning your space into a gym.

My exercise equipment consists of the following:

  • 2 x 10lb dumbbells
  • set of 3 exercise bands
  • pilates ball
  • yoga mat

And that’s all I need for a juicy workout that I feel in every muscle.

Speaking of which, if you’re on the hunt for simple workouts I strongly recommend Fitness Blender’s YouTube channel which has an insane amount of free workouts from a 10 minute stretch session to a 50 minute sweat fest (not advisable if you’re dressed up for meeting with a client).

Writing has always been seen as a sedentary profession. It’s time to reject that stereotype and start planking between paragraphs.






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